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2nd Annual International Wireless Internet Conference (WICON)

Welcome to WICON 2006. Built on this year's successful conference inaugural, the Wireless Internet Conference (WICON) will continue to provide a premier international forum to discuss novel research results related to the emerging Wireless Internet.
August 2-5, 2006 - Bosten, MA

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Info Icon WLAN-Technologie ermöglicht in Verbindung mit mobilen Rechner-
systemen wie Notebooks, Handhelds und PDAs (Personal Digital
Assistants) einen orts- und zeitunabhängigen drahtlosen Zugang auf die
im Internet angebotenen Dienste und Informationssysteme.
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Info Icon Technology In a Wireless Local Area Network (Wireless LAN), installed access points transmit data between the wired network and wireless users. Data travels via radiowaves, not through wires. In-office networks can transmit and receive signals in excess of a 100 meters, even through walls and ceilings. Users can move freely from one place to another and maintain a high-speed link to their network, the Internet, and e-mail.
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W-Lan/WiFi/Bluetooth - Hardware/Software

Bazz Spezialantennen
Cirond Corporation
Cisco Systems
DrayTek GmbH
Freebird Wireless LAN
Hotspot Center
LG Electronics
Mini Stumbler(v0.3.23)
MacStumbler 0.75b
Netgear Germany
SMC Networks
Synergy 21
TamoSoft, Inc.
WiCo GmbH
Windows Mobile
Wireless Lan Shop
Wlan Express
WiMo Antennen
Wildpackets USA
Wildpackets Germany
Yakumo (WLAN)

Wireless Network Locator


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Wireless LAN Cards
for Pocket PC PDAs
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Symbol Wireless Networker

The Wireless Networker from Symbol Technologies brings the power of high-speed Wi-Fi wireless connectivity to today's popular personal data appliances. It supports PDAs running Microsoft® Windows™ for Pocket PC, fitting devices with CompactFlash Type I/II extended card slots including the Compaq iPAQ, HP Jornada, and Casio Cassiopeia. It also supports notebook computers running Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000, or XP with a Type II PC Card (PCMCIA) slot via a CF-to-PC Card adapter. more >>
Wireless Networker™ CompactFlash™ Card for Pocket PC PDAs

Symbol Technologies
Symbol Technologies Deutschland >>>

Info - CompactFlash Format für Pocket PC PDAs
Info von Symbol in Deutsch zur CompactFlash Karte (PDF) - mehr >>
Info zum Produkt von Mobile2Day mehr >>

AmbiCom Wave2Net Card

The AmbiCom Wave2Net Wireless SD Card is a brilliant
miniaturization of AmbiCom's secure 802.11b design.

Wireless SD Card Wave2Net IEEE 802.11b >>>
AmbiCom Wave2Net Card

AmbiCom Website >>>
more by pda gold >>>

Socket LowPower Wireless LAN CF-Card/SD-Card

SDIO Wireless LAN Card Socket's Mobility Friendly™ Low Power SDIO WLAN Card connects you to enterprise or public 802.11b Wi-Fi Wireless LAN systems or directly to other users in Ad Hoc Mode in the smallest, lightest form factor available. more >>
Die Firma Socket bietet eine Karte für Wireless LAN an, die identisch zu der Karte von Symbol ist. Treiber-Software ist auch für Windows Mobile 2003 verfügbar.
Socket SD WLAN Card
Info zum Produkt von Mobile2Day mehr >>
Socket Communications

Pretec Electronics SD WLAN Card
New SD WLAN Card from Pretec Electronics
SD WLAN (802.11b)
Pretec SD WLAN Card
SD WLAN (802.11b) mehr >>
Pretec Electronics Corp. >>
Pretec Electronicsspacer

SanDisk Connect CF-Card/SD Card
The Connect CompactFlash Wi-Fi Card (802.11b card
without memory) allows Laptop and PDA users
freedom to access the Internet. more >>
SanDisk Wi-Fi SD Card
WiFi Card
Dual-function SD card which incorporates 256Mb
flash memory and 802.11b Wi-Fi capabilities.
more >>
Sandisk  combined 256Mb flash memory and wi-fi card
256MB+WiFi Card
Info zum Produkt von Mobile2Day mehr >>
SanDisk Wi-Fi SD Card - Related Link more >>

WiFi Pocket PC Software
Wardriven/Sniffen/ Wireless Security

This tool is used not only for sniffing out wireless networks, but for the deployment
and administration of WLANs in organizations.
AirMagnet, Inc. Website:

Airscanner(TM) Mobile Sniffer:
Mobile Scanner requires a PocketPC 2002 device to run!
Airscanner Mobile Sniffer monitors all activity within a given
segment. Free for home or personal (non-commercial) use.

das Wardriving Tool ist in der Version 0.4.0 erhältlich. Es arbeitet mit dem MDA2 und der Sandisk SD-WLAN Karte zusammen. Ministumbler 0.4.0 downloaden bei

is a Wardriving Software von Cirond Corporation
PocketWiNC 1.3


Pocket Warrior
PocketPC WiFi Survey tool.
PocketWarrior ist ein Tool zum Auffinden von Wirless LAN Netzwerken. Sprache englisch - Speicherbedarf 52 KByte
Mehr Info von >>> - Download Pocket Warrior >>>
Pocket Warrior

is a wireless network discovery and auditing tool. Prism2, Lucent, and Cisco based cards are supported. It is the easiest to use Linux scanning tool.

is a 802.11 scanner designed for PDAs running Pocket PC 2003. (WiFiFoFum Version 0.3)

Screenshot WiFiFoFum  ListspacerScreenshot WiFiFoFum Radar

Pocket PC Software - Wireless Security

Airscanner™ Mobile AntiVirus Pro
Automatic, easy, online updates of virus signatures and
scanning engine. Fast, optimized scanning speed based on
patent pending technology. Support for Pocket PC 2003
and Windows Mobile 2003.
Airscanner Mobile AntiVirus Pro

Airscanner™ Mobile Encrypter for Pocket PC
Airscanner Mobile Encrypter has user-selectable, popular
encryption and decryption algorithms such as 40-bit RC2,
40-bit RC4 and 56-bit DES and also offers Microsoft's Enhanced CryptoAPI, which supports strong, 128-bit RC4 encryption/decryption algorithms. Requirements: Windows Mobile (PocketPC) 2002/2003

Airscanner™ Mobile Firewall (Alpha release)
Important Note: The “alpha” version of Airscanner Mobile
Firewall is for experts and adventurous power users only.
It should not be considered stable, or even working. The
purpose of the alpha version is to allow early feedback from
users who may be interested in future release the software.

no picture

Kaspersky Anti-Virus für Pocket PC und Palm OS
Mit Kaspersky Security für PDAs können Sie problemlos mobile Geräte einsetzen und Daten mit Ihrem PC abgleichen. Mobile Geräte wie PDAs können wie PCs mit Viren infiziert werden und dienen dann bei Synchronisation mit einem PC als Eintrittstelle für böswillige Programme. Der unberechtigte Zugriff auf das Gerät und der unautorisierte Zugang zu den Daten sind andere Gefahren.

no picture

Wireless Security Auditor (WSA)
WSA automatically audits a wireless network for proper security configuration, to help network administrators close any vulnerabilities before the hackers try to break in.

More Tools/Info :
StumbVerter >>
Aerosol >>
WLANexpert >>

Stuff gibt es hier >> >>

Diese Infos gibt es auch auf der Mobilen wdmf Pocket PC Webseite!

Welcome to the project page of wellenreiter
Cirond Corporation

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Wireless open organisation  Münster
wooms g.e.V. Hammer Strasse 37 48153 Münster Germany

Essential Links to Wi-Fi
Freifunk Net
INKA e.V. Karlsruhe
Locate Free Wi-Fi
Pocket PC Essentials
Router Forum
Planet Wifi
Wireless LAN und Linux
Wardriving Group Vienna
Wireless Warrior
Wlan International
Wooms Münster
Würmtal Wireless Net
Wireless - Forum CH

Wireless LAN an Hochschulen - Uni/FU

FU Berlin
FU Berlin
TU Braunschweig
Uni Bremen
Uni Bonn
Uni Bielefeld
Uni Düsseldorf
Uni Duisburg
Uni Freiburg
Uni Göttingen/GoeMobile
Uni Hannover
Uni Halle
Uni Heidelberg
Uni Kassel
Uni Karlsruhe
Uni Kiel
Uni Konstanz
Uni Köln
Uni Mannheim
Uni Mainz
Uni Münster
Uni München
Informatik München
Uni Potsdam
Uni Rostock
Uni Saarland
Uni Stuttgart
Uni Tübingen
Uni Ulm
Uni Wuppertal
Uni Würzburg

Windows Netzwerke - Das Netzwerk Portal

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Uni Kaiserslautern

Funklan mit Linux nutzen
Uni Mainz

Konfiguration Wireless Karten unter Linux
WiFi Glossery
Mammut Projekt
Wireless LAN Aufbau
Michaels Homepage

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Glossary - hot spot -
  In wireless networking, a hot spot is a specific part of an access point's range in which the general public can walk up and use the network. The service may be available only for a fee.

Amsterdam Hotspots
Wi-Fi in Paris
AOL Hotspots
Hotspot Hamburg
Hotspot Locations
HP Hotspots
Mobile Acces
Open Hotspots
Sony Center Berlin
Sofa networks
Stadtnet Hotspots
WiFi Hotspot List
Wlan Regensburg

HotSpot's von T-Com/T-Mobile/o2/Vodafone/BouyguesTelecom

t-mobile - hotspot
o2 Hotspot-Finder
Bouygues Telecom

HotSpot's suchen mit ...

Wifi ZONE Finder
Hotspot finder
Hotspot-Finder CH
Intel’s Hotspot Finder
EZ Goal / HotSpots™
Lycos wlan-sniffer
Rechercher un Hotspot
C/Net Hotspot Zone

Skype ... free Internet telephony that just works.
Skype for Pocket PC
Skype home

Skype for Pocket PC/Skype ist auch für PDAs verfügbar.
ActiveSync must be installed on your computer before you attempt to install Skype onto your Pocket PC device.

In order to use Skype for Pocket PC, your handheld must meet the following minimum system requirements:
* Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC * 400 MHz processor * WiFi-enabled

Skype für Pocket PC herunterladen - Download Skype for Pocket PC

Skype Website English >>>
  Skype Webseite Deutsch >>>
  Skype für Pocket PC herunterladen - Download Skype for Pocket PC

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Bücher - Books - Livres
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WLAN Report
  Einzige wöchentliche deutsche Fachpublikation, die sich ausschliesslich auf die 802.1x und Wireless LAN Industrie fokussiert.
Mehr >>

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